My Toy Nanny

About Us

My Toy Nanny is one of the many technological companies under Aldrin Industries. The purpose of this company is to bring joy and protection to both children and parents alike while also trying to bring back the ‘united family’ feeling of past generations.

Our androids are made with the most current technological advances and are constantly updated to meet up with our costumers needs, with My Toy Nanny specifically being awarded the emerging technology of 2150.


Make another friend. Make new memories. Grow your family.

 While it is industry standard for Androids to have a ‘robotic’ physical appearance, here in My Toy Nanny have a different approach. For our costumers to feel a strong familiar bond with our androids we went with appearances that reflect that sense of familiarity and warmth that a home has . 

‘Animalistic’ or ‘toyish’ appearances have proven to be highly accepted by young children but we must clarify that if the parent wishes for their ‘toy nanny’ not to have this appearance or wishes to have a more customized nanny than the skins provided then they must call our public services at 1-xxx-xx-xxxx

Our ‘toy nanny’s’ are implanted with state-of-the-art A.I that updates itself constantly to better suit our costumers needs or with critical situations. If your nanny starts to suffer from sudden glitches please call xxx-xxx-xxxxx